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2024 1st Qtr Dues2024 Hourly Scale2024 Fringe Benefits2024 Expenses

M.I.C.         $906.00

M.I.C.      $64.89
Health Benefit Plan $16.175Zone 1 (15-30 miles) $40.38
Mechanic. $842.00Mechanic $57.68Pension Plan $10.86Zone 2 (30-45 miles) $57.68
80% App.   $793.0080% App. $46.14Apprenticeship Plan $0.75Per Diem (+45 miles) $63.49
70% App.   $686.0070% App. $40.37Work Preservation  $1.30Mileage Rate
67 cents
65% App.   $660.0065% App. $37.49401(k) Annuity           $10.10
55% App.   $618.0055% App.  $31.72Total                        $39.185
TBD50% App. $28.84

Vacation: 6% under 5 years based on regular hourly rate for all hours worked.  8% over 5 years based on regular hourly rate for all hours worked.

Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, The Friday after Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Expense Agreement

Calculate the distance from 1 Monument Circle “As the crow flies” or look at the  zone map.  Zone pay is determined by the Expense Agreement

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